New Anti-Microbial Coating for Plastic

23rd December 2016

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Anti-Microbial Coating.

This is a UV cured hard coating which offers our usual abrasion and chemical resistance – in addition it has the ability to imperishably halt the development of and kill over 99% of E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (Mould) and Campylobacter.

There are many applications for this coating in all areas of different industry, including; Healthcare, Veterinary, Dentistry, Food Processing and Aerospace to name a few.

With our large format coating capabilities we are able to apply this coating to sheets, moulding, components and surfaces of many sizes.

Practical examples of the application of this coating include:

  • Coated wall coverings
  • Door handles and push plates.
  • Toilet partitions
  • Hospital bed headboards
  • Food processing and food preparation areas

As the coating is hard wearing due to its anti-abrasion properties it will not deteriorate away under day to day conditions even in high traffic areas of any facility.

Furthermore the coating offers excellent chemical resistance meaning that harsh cleaning chemicals will not damage the surface, which is a great benefit to areas in which regular cleaning is important. This product is not intended to replace standard cleaning regimes or requirements but compliment them, providing protection between cleaning or in areas which often get missed.

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