The Best Polycarbonate Sheets

24th April 2017

Whilst this may be a question that will never truly be answered, there are a number of major brands from around the world – Lexan and Makrolon being two of the biggest.

The first thing to consider is your end use – as the different grades (and of course price) of Polycarbonate can vary considerably. Standard, un-coated polycarbonate may suffice for some products and uses, but for many applications a hard coated polycarbonate may be a better long term option.

Standard polycarbonate sheets should be used when out of reach from people and internally – this will mean that damage from touching or weathering will be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, due to the nature of polycarbonate and it’s relatively soft surface – scratches are common place and very difficult to remove or hide.

The Best Known Polycarbonate Sheets

For places and locations where your plastic is likely to be high traffic areas or outside in direct sunlight – a protected polycarboate sheet is going to be the best long term option. Many include protection from UV (sunlight) which will cause de-colouring and yellowing – other are aimed to be resistant to abrasion and cleaning from common chemicals – perfect for ant-graffiti solutions.

The protective coating applied to plastics can give a harder finish to standard sheets, improving on their scratch resistance. These are often hard coated at source for the best possible optical grade – though can be coated aftermarket for single side applications or moulds.

The Best Known Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheets

  • PolyGuard Protected Sheet
  • – Our Own Brand Sheet, largest range of sizes, thickness and coating options available.

  • Arla Saphir
  • – Producing plastic since the 1960’s from Sweden and the Czech Republic.

  • Lexan Margard
  • – A household name in coated sheets and of high quality.

  • Makrolon AR Sheet
  • – Formerly known as Bayer, Covestro produced this protected sheet.

  • Marlon FS Hard
  • – Produced by Brett Martin, a very popular choice for UK users.

  • Palgard
  • – Palram’s flagship product

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