Anti-Fog and Non-Mist

Anti Fog Coating IconsThe Peerless Anti-Fog coating has been re-launched for 2018. The Non-Mist coating has excellent optical properties and a variety of applications.


  • Anti-fog– A true anti-fog product that will eliminate misting caused by moisture and heat.
  • Abrasion Resistance – Each coating will approximately double the original materials surface hardness.
  • Optical Clarity – No mist and a completely clear product. Very little distortion to clear and transparent plastics.
  • Chemical Resistance – Can be cleaned with any common cleaning chemical and even harsher industrial chemicals without worry of damage.
  • All-round protection – All Peerless coatings can be applied to a single side or even both.
  • Durability – All Peerless coatings enhance the life of any plastic substrate.

Whilst not as hard as our Peerguard Clear, this anti-fog coating still offers a level of abrasion resistance and chemical resistance for regular cleaning. Originally developed for eyewear, this after market coating is not a film or self spray option which give a lower quality of finish or may be temporary. This new product is a true anti-mist coating for plastic and is permanent and hydrophilic. This allows the material to be wetted out by water which then prevents the fog / mist build up.

Premium quality ski googles, and even every day eye wear will now come with a variation of anti-mist coating as standard, but these aren’t the only applications. Safety goggles in the workplace are now at a premium and a higher quality product can increase workflow and less handling due to the anti-mist properties.

Our new coating also has no size application limitations in comparison to it’s predocessor so full size sheets of 3000 x 2100 are possible, making anti-mist glazing and windows for automotive, rail and other window applications possible.

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