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Some key members of our staff.
  • Peter Llewellyn-Stamp
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    Max Bromley
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    Clare Seys
Managing Director

Peter Llewellyn-Stamp

As an experienced Director with a Finance and Technical background, Peter is responsible for the Peerless group of companies, overseeing all of our Operations in the UK and abroad. He is passionate about promoting the message that our unique range of hard coatings offer long term durability and superior surface performance to plastics, and is heavily involved with the R&D of many of our new Peerless products.
staff, max, Commercial Director, team, people
Commercial Director

Max Bromley

Max is the first point of contact for many of our largest clients and international sales. Alongside building relationships with prospective clients, Max manages directing company growth, identifying new market opportunities, and steering marketing operations.
finance controller, accounts, teams, staff ,people
Account Controller

Clare Seys

Clare is a key member within the accounting team and deals with finance and customer queries. She works closely with Peter to ensure budgets are met, as well as supporting a number of our EU projects.

Factory Team

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Ian Odgers

Operations Manager