Lexan Margard Vs Polyguard Protected Sheet

22nd September 2014

One of the most popular protective glazing solutions in the world, Lexan Margard combines high-impact strength, graffiti resistance, and good all-weather performance.

The coating is also, coincidentally, almost identical to our own Polyguard Anti-Scratch Plastic product. Like Lexan Margard, Polyguard is a Polycarbonate Sheet with a Hard Coated exterior giving the same strengths and benefits. Also like Lexan Margard, Polyguard is designed to give optimal performance against weathering, performance losses, graffiti, and yellowing caused by harsh environmental conditions.

However, whereas Lexan Margard is difficult to get hold of and only available in certain sizes, our Peeraguard Protected Sheet can be be cut to any size and even included on oversize sheets upto 4 metres in length.

As a result of this flexibility, combined with great optical clarity and a constant thickness with a pencil hardness of 6H, Polyguard is becoming one of the most sought after anti-scratch plastic sheets available in the UK market.