Digital Printing

While by no means a new form of printing, recent price reductions and advancements in technology have made digital printing an increasingly attractive choice for consumers. Peerless has recognised the advantages of large form digital printing direct to plastic and have just installed a brand new Signracer digital printer in Thetford, Norfolk. Our sister company, DTM Print, operate large format printing in Thetford under the same roof.

With a bed width of 2 and a half metres and a print length only limited by physical space, Peerless are able to create large format printing to plastic for all manner of industries and requirements. From individual pieces to whole walls and wall cladding made up of multiple panels.

Another advantage of using Peerless is the ability to protect final prints with our abrasion resistant clear coating in the same location. This ensure that longevity of any print and colours is maximised (including UV protection) and even added protection during shipping and handling.

However, as with all of our printing services, we recommend that you allow us to first consider the final product before deciding on the most suitable printing option.

Other plastic services Peerless provide include:

For more information on our digital printing service, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email