Plexiglas UK has become a name synonymous with acrylic plastic sheets in recent years, both for its quality but also for its range of finishes and options. Plexiglas, often mistakenly spelt as Plexiglass (with a double s), is usually supplied in sheet form.

Benefits of Plexiglas Sheet from Peerless

  • Choice – An extensive range of Plexiglass plastic is available.
  • Colour – Choose from a variety of finishes.
  • Formable – Can be formed into nearly any shape.
  • Quality – Plexiglas is known as one of the most popular Acrylic Sheets.
  • Protection – Protective Coatings available on Perspex Plastic Sheet.
  • Free Cutting Service – Free cutting service on simple machining.
  • CNC – High precision and intricate tight-tolerance routing.

Whilst known throughout the world, Plexiglas is purely a brand of plastic and not a specific type of plastic sheet contrary to popular belief. It is incredibly accessible in North America and has been here in Europe for some time. However in recent years, Plexiglas has become increasingly difficult to get hold of, especially in the UK. As such we offer a number of alternatives which offer the same or even enhanced technical specification and much shorter lead times – including pre-coated sheets for additional protection. For more information check out our range of Plastic Sheet.

Peerless have supplied Plexiglas UK Sheets (including Plexglas HC)for many years and at most times have access to most of the different styles within the range. However lead times may vary.

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