PeeraGlass is one of the newest additions to the Peerless family and is a pre-coated abrasion resistant acrylic (PMMA) sheet. Maintaining the original properties of acrylic, PeeraGlass is designed for optical clarity with the added benefit of being much tougher than standard sheets.

These properties make PeeraGlass ideal for glazing in high traffic or dangerous areas (such as sports arenas) or those where visual clarity is specified such as clear noise barriers. Available in both cast and extruded acrylic with a choice of UV and Non-UV grade coating to suit individual projects.


  • Optical Clarity – High natural light transmission and low visible distortion
  • Abrasion and Impact Resistant – Stop scuffs, scratches and knocks
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance – Protect against cleaning with the harshest of chemicals
  • Lightweight – Approximately half the weight of glass
  • Protected Plastic – Anti-vandalism and graffiti

Glass like in appearance, PeeraGlass maintains the original optical properties of PMMA but combines improved protection, weather-ability and chemical resistance above the original plastic sheet.

PeeraGlass comes in sheet sizes up to 4m x 2m and thicknesses between 2mm and 20mm.

For more information on PeeraGlass sheet from Peerless, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email You can also download our PeeraGlass Technical Data Sheet.


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