Marlon FS

Marlon is a UK distributed polycarbonate sheet produced by Brett Martin and a worthy alternative to Lexan Sheets. Produced specially to service the glazing industry, it is commonly used in Roof Lanterns, Machine Guards and Curved Window solutions. Most popular in it’s clear form, Marlon Polycarbonate is also available in a choice of tints and even a range of solid colours.

Available in 0.75mm to 15mm in thickness, the standard sheet size comes in: 1220mm x 2440mm, 1250mm x 2500mm and 2050mm x 3050mm though other sheet size can be made available. Sheets can also cold formed on site to produce curved, clear glazing – thickness will depend on the radius of any curve made.

Benefits of Marlon Polycarbonate

  • Lightweight – Half the weight of glass
  • Optical Clarity – Averaging 90% light transmission
  • Impact Resistance – Shatterproof, more than 200 times more effective than comparable glass solutions
  • Temperature Protection – Good heat resistance
  • Wide Range – Different thicknesses available from 0.75mm to 15mm as standard

Marlon Polycarbonate Sheet Grades

There are a number of different grades available under the Marlon brand, including:

  • Marlon ST – Multiwall
  • Marlon FS – Flatsheet (standard)
  • Marlon FS Hard – Protected Sheet
  • Marlon CS – Corrugated Sheet
  • Marlon CST – Corrugated Multiwall

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