MAKROCLEAR, with its great clarity and surface quality, is a popular substitute for glass and other transparent plastics.

The solid polycarbonate sheet is available in a range of different variants and in thicknesses of up to 12mm; including MAKROCLEAR Hardcoat which is a hard coated plastic sheet similar to our own brand PolyGuard , which is actually available in a wider range of options.

MAKROCLEAR Variations include MAKROLIFE (a UV-protected sheet), MAKROCLEAR FR (a fire-resistant sheet, v(0) for t>3mm), MAKROCLEAR FA (a food-approved variant), and COLORADO (a transparent colour sheet). The sheets are also available in an anti-reflex version as well as three textured versions (ICE, TEX, and Grain 35).

MAKROCLEAR has many popular uses including, but not limited to; machine protection, safety glazing, ice hockey rinks, and vandal protection. The MAKROCLEAR Hardcoat Sheet is also easy to thermoform and, as a result, is often used in signs, displays, riot shields, windows, medical equipment, and bicycle helmets.

In case of fire, MAKROCLEAR will melt and create a passage through which heat and smoke can escape from the building. The material itself will not contribute to the growth of a fire through flame spread.

MAKROCLEAR can also be cold-bended into complex shapes while, at the same time, still maintaining an impact strength of more than ten times that of high-impact PMMA and twice that of PETg.

Whilst not as popular, MAKROCLEAR is a similar alternative to Lexan Sheet and offers similar properties.


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