Lexan is the most well known and popular polycarbonate sheet in the UK. Produced by Sabic, Lexan sheet polycarbonate is available in a range of different grades depending on application. Different sheet sizes and thicknesses are also available as well as protected polycarbonates.

Lexan sheet is well known to offer good clarity, very high impact strength and offer resistance against high temperatures for distortion. Whilst shatterproof, Lexan is a polycarbonate and as such is a soft base material and can easily be cut, machined, drilled and shaped to suit requirements.

Benefits of Lexan Sheet Polycarbonate

  • Optical Clarity – Very good optical clarity for light transmission and viewing
  • Impact Resistance – Shatterproof, Lexan is perfect for glazing solutions
  • Temperature Protection – Good heat deflection and resistance
  • Wide Range – Different thicknesses available from 2mm to 15mm as standard

Lexan History

Originally created in the late 1950’s by General Electric, Lexan was in direct response to Bayer’s Merlon (now Makrolon) which was the first commercial polycabonate sheet to hit the market. Originally a tinted brown colour due to processing, it wasn’t until later in the 60’s that Lexan Polycarbonate became truly clear.

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