Anti-Reflection Plastic Sheet

True Anti-Reflection Acrylic Sheet uses different technology to our standard coatings. It is a durable, vacuum deposited, multi-layered coating designed to give maximum light transmission and very low reflectance – making it one of the most sought after True Anti-Reflection Acrylic Sheets on the market. Please note this is not a DIY film which can often be hard to apply and leave an inferior finish, this coating is applied at material creation.

Benefits of Anti-Reflection Sheet from Peerless

  • Choice – A range of sizes and thicknesses is available.
  • Technology – Using the latest technology, this is true anti-reflection.
  • Quality – A premium product for premium uses.
  • CNC – High precision and intricate tight-tolerance routing.

It’s primary use is for anti-reflection glasses and anti-reflection lenses, and is also available with anti-finger print/smudge coating for added protection and ease of cleaning for display applications in harsh environments.

This true Anti-Reflection coating serves to reduce the transmitted light loss by minimising surface reflection to give a clear sharp image under a wide range of lighting conditions. This Anti-Reflection plastic is found in critical display applications such as aerospace and marine displays.

Anti-Reflection Acrylic works by reducing transmitted light loss by minimising surface reflection which, in turn, gives a clear, sharp image under a range of lighting conditions.

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For more information on Anti-Reflective Sheet, please call us on 0845 519 9079 or email