Model Making Materials

Model-making is a fine art and, as a result, accessories and materials must be of the highest quality.

Here at Peerless we supply a range of model-making materials, including the ever-popular tight-tolerance acrylic, Hesaglas. Available in a range of colours, tints, and thicknesses, Hesaglas is ideal for models of all shapes and sizes.

We provide a range of thicknesses to meet your requirements. These begin at 0.3mm and increase, in 0.1mm increments, up to 6.3mm. The standard size for a sheet of Hesaglas is 850x850mm, although we provide a free cutting service for smaller sheets. We also offer two grades of thickness tolerance: a regular grade of 0.2mm and a premium grade of 0.1mm.

However, it’s not just Hesaglas that Peerless is able to supply for model-making — we also stock a range of other plastic sheets including acrylic, polycarbonate, PETg, and other plastic substrates, as well as a full range of coloured plastic sheets.

In addition to plastic sheets, we’re also able to provide a range of different coatings to suit your modelling requirements. These include matte-effect, anti-glare, and even wet-look coatings, all of which are available in both interior and exterior grades.

We also offer a range of in-house plastic machining services including an electronic CNC machine and a table saw for cutting sheets up to 4m in size.

For more information on our model-making plastics and coatings, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email