Hesaglas Tight Tolerance

Famed for its unrivalled optical qualities, Hesaglas is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular acrylic sheet plastics. Download the Hesaglas brochure for information to take away.

Benefits of Hesaglas from Peerless

  • Local – UK Stockist.
  • Choice – An extensive range of Hesaglass is available in many thicknesses.
  • Colour – Choose from a variety of colours, even live edge/neon.
  • Formable – Can be formed into nearly any shape.
  • Protection – Protective Coatings available on Hesaglas.
  • Free Cutting Service – Free cutting service on simple square cuts.
  • CNC – High precision and intricate tight-tolerance routing.
  • Next Day – Quick delivery available on many products.

The high-quality, tight-tolerance PMMA-based acrylic sheeting was first developed for the Swiss watch industry, including Omega and high end Swiss luxury watches. However the use of Hesaglas and can now be found in thousands of applications worldwide. One of the main uses is in LCD/LED/TFT displays, where when coupled with light tints can offer a low cost solution to reduce reflection and glare.

Other main uses include covers of Infa-Red sensors in a dark red or black colour. Both colours are specifically designed to allow the IR wave length through the sheet to ensure operations continue to work as designed. Colour filters for many optical applications including NIR filters are a growing usage. Other popular uses include model making, optical filters, scales, displays, and instrumentation.

For the most demanding of applications, Hesaglas is available in a hardcoat at source which dramatically improves scratch resistance and chemical resistance.

For more information on Hesaglas sheet from Peerless, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email hello@peerless-coatings.co.uk. Alternatively you can download our Hesaglas brochure or view the complete range of light transmission charts.


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For more information on Hesaglas, please call us on 0845 519 9079 or email hello@peerless-coatings.co.uk.