Line Bending

Line bending is a process used to bend plastic substrates such as PMMA, PC or PETG, ABS  and HIPS on an axis. The process involves the localised heating of a thermoplastic sheet over a strip heater until the area becomes soft. It can then be bent to any desired angle over a former or a jig, these can be made on our CNC router to facilitate batch production of any design or configuration of bend. The plastic sheet is then held in place until it cools and retains its formed shape. With this technique, we are able to achieve a flawless curved finish without the need for gluing or joining.


Line bending is often a prelude to additional fabrication and requires no extra tooling. No additional adhesive is required, allowing materials to boast a flawless rounded look achieved by this technique. 


We are able to utilise premium grade equipment to form with unmatched accuracy and bend media up to 2.45m in length and 25mm thickness. 


Line bent plastic is excellent for a range of applications, including:

·         Point of Sale Solutions

·         Machine Guards

·         Plastic Boxes

·         Housing Boxers


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