Acrylic Plastic Polishing

Polished edges, especially on acrylic are a sure fire way of making a great impression. If the edges of the finished product / material are visible, then one of the below types of polishing will finish your product with that high end, glass look.

Depending on the application, Peerless (along with our partner Redco) are able to offer a range of different plastic polishing processes to best suit the material, product and finished environment. Flame polishing is the most common and known form of polishing acrylic, though a diamond polish, buffering and specially designed CNC finishing tools.

Whilst flame polishing of acrylic edges is a well known and popular way of achieving a high gloss finishes, there are applications when flame polishing cannot be used. Especially on protected plastics where chemical reaction is not uncommon. As such we will always chat through options and advise on what the best process suited to your specific project.

Peerless are able to apply a polished finished to all acrylic plastics, including Perspex. No matter what the base type of material or end use, we can offer plastic polishing is perfect for use in:

  • Point of Sale Solutions
  • Display Windows
  • Furniture
  • Edged Plastics
  • Signs and Displays

Whilst some people would like to polish polycarbonate, you will never achieve the same level of finish as you would an acrylic product due to the base material being softer and easier to mark. Improved finishes can be achieved, but for the ultimate premium, polished finish to plastic we would always suggest acrylic.

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