Longchamp, New York

This project involved a rundown building in New York which has now been converted into a contemporary flagship store for handbag retailer Longchamp.

The retail space is situated above street level and, because of this, the designers had to find a way of grabbing the attention of passers-by and making them want to step inside.

The solution was a one-off staircase, designed by Heatherwick Studios of London and Atmosphere Design Group of New York, which makes use of the natural light shining down through the building.

Peerless played an integral role in the manufacture of this staircase which, five years on, is still going strong. We used our specially-formulated Peeraguard Clear to coat the staircase’s polyester sheets, providing them with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

“This job was a real challenge to coat,” said Dr Sean Farnan, Operations Manager at Peerless. “Every panel was a different size and in three dimensions which meant a different setup each time. Still, as you can see, the results were well worth the effort.”

The store, complete with its four tonnes of Polyguard sheets, is now acknowledged as a work of art, welcoming hundreds of customers every day.

Material – Polycarbonate
Process – Coating
Coating – Peeraguard Clear / Polyguard
Location – New York, USA