Kylie Minogue at Glastonbury

Kylie Minogue and Glastonbury, there aren’t many more iconic pairings in the world of music. When such events happen, they need to be beyond memorable. This year, that task fell to The Next Stage – creating something truly memorable for one of the world’s biggest festivals.

The Requirement

Peerless were approached to supply mirrored acrylic for part of the set design, first up was the choice of colour and ensuring material choice matched that of the rest of set. Next was protection, plastic by its very nature is an easily damaged material with scratches and scuffs a common occurrence. The material would need to be machined, fitted, transported and then used as an integral part of the stage and show.

The Solution
Following testing for colour, we then sampled our hard coatings to show the benefits of the additional protection. The client was overwhelmed with the results, ordering over 50 metres of material to cover two sides of the five triangular columns which measure over 3.5 metres in height. The end result was fantastic, with Kylie’s set proving one of the highlights of the whole festival and the mirrored columns taking centre stage.