Hygiene Screens – Vet Partners

In the early stages of Covid-19 lockdown, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding businesses returning to work and how staff and customers alike could be kept safe. Covid-19 is an airborne virus that can easily be spread by infected droplets in sneezes, coughs or breath entering your eyes, nose or mouth. A partition between you and an infected person will reduce the chance of staff or members of the public catching the disease. Having identified that supermarkets were utilising clear hygiene screen barriers in the workplace, Vet Partners contacted Peerless Plastics & Coatings with regards to supplying a range of screens to meet the needs of their many practices across the UK.

The Requirement

Working in collaboration with their practices, Vet Partners aim to care for people, their pets and the veterinary profession. Established in November 2015, their group includes small animal, equine and farm animal practices. With more than 5,000 employees working in over 400 sites across the UK and from their headquarters in York, they needed a solution flexible enough to accommodate the variety of practices but simple enough for each site to order and install safely. Having already worked on a number Hygiene Screen projects for supermarkets and similar businesses in the first phase of Hygiene screen installations, Peerless already had a number of standard designs available.

The Solution

Following a review of the options available, Vet Partners Procurement Director, Owain Price, decided to promote two of the Peerless standard designs to their sites across the UK. Opting for free standing screens which could be shipped flat packed and installed at each site without any tools, these designs offered the simplicity required whilst still meeting the level of protection essential for staff and clients.

Peerless standard screens incorporate our unique, MicroGuard™ Hard Coating, which is Anti-Microbial, Scratch resistant and Chemical resistant meaning the screens are hygienic and offer a long-term solution. It is also possible to purchase the screens uncoated which offers a cost saving, however, Owain said “It’s not about cost, it is about offering our team the very best solution to keep them safe”.

To make the ordering process as easy as possible, Peerless provided Vet Partners with a special purchasing code which could be entered onto our online store, allowing the many sites to order the screens they required. A large volume of screens were ordered within a short space of time and as Vet partners were early to put this solution in place for their sites around the UK, they were able to receive screens in within weeks allowing their practices to start opening safely, at the earliest stage possible and provide the much needed treatment to their clients pets.

Since the initial wave, Peerless have received repeat orders for further screens and desk partitions as well as bespoke designs. Below you can see our screens in situ.