Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz have always been synonymous with quality, reliability, and elegance. No surprise then, that Peerless were chosen to coat headlight protectors before they were fitted to the manufacturer’s successful range of Actros trucks.

The deal came about as a result of our successful and long-standing business partnership with EGR, a world-leader in plastic automotive accessories.

EGR produced the headlight protectors at the factory in Brisbane, Australia, before sending them to Peerless for coating. The coating we decided to use was UVCH 3000K — a coating renowned for its high abrasion and chemical resistance as well as its ability to protect the base material (acrylic, in this case) from harsh environmental conditions. It is also fully certified in the automotive industry.

The entire project served as yet another example of our dedication and ability to meet the high demands and standards of the automotive industry.

Material – Acrylic Moulds
Process – Preparation and Jigging of parts before coating
Coating – UVHC 3000K
Location – European Delivery