BVG-Group (Brand: FishSpy)

FishSpy is a unique idea – new to the market, FishSpy is a professional quality camera housed inside a piece of fishing tackle that allows it’s user to see exactly what is going on under the water. The camera transmits live video to a portable device such as a phone or tablet. It’s design is durable and robust to withstand the rigours of fishing and of course the product must be completely waterproof at all times.

The Requirement

With a transmission range of 100 metres and the need for a complete seal to be waterproof to a depth of 10 metres, a high quality housing (and of course lens) was of paramount importance. During design BVG-Group contacted Peerless to help provide a lens capable of the aforementioned as well optical clarity of the highest order.

The Solution

First the base material needed to be of the highest quality, both in terms of optical clarity but also in terms of tolerance to ensure that during production all parts would be of the same specification and would give a 100 percent seal round around the lens.

Peerless chose Hesaglas in a thickness of 1.5mm – one of the highest quality acrylics in the world, its repetition and tolerance is second to none and optically is superb. Next the lens would need to be coated. It would be handled on a regular basis and no doubt knocked along riverbanks during normal use! The coating was Peeraguard Clear, not only would it withstand scuffs and abrasion but also protect the plastic from regular cleaning. Lastly, the lens would need to be machined from the sheet – Peerless operate an accurate and high tolerance CNC machine which cut the small circular discs during a single pass.

Lastly each disc was checked for quality against drawing specification before being individually packed and sent to the client for assembly.

Peerless was on hand to offer advice and support every step of the way – from design, through prototyping and finally to launch.

Material – Hesaglas Acrylic
Process – CNC Machining
Coating – Peeraguard Clear
Location – Worldwide Delivery

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