First place award!


Peerless Plastics & Coatings win first place in the Brett Martin iAwards 2021.


Leading UK plastics manufacturer, Brett Martin, has published the winners of its iAwards 2021 competition. The company called on its global customer base from a range of sectors to submit details and images of their most innovative and creative projects using Brett Martin’s plastic sheet products.

Businesses in architecture, construction, agriculture, horticulture, home furnishing, fabrication, sign and display from as far afield as Australia, South Africa and Ecuador, have been recognised for their outstanding work.

Peerless Plastics & Coatings won the Fabrication category with our MicroGuard™ Anti-microbial hard-coated surface covers, using Brett Martin’s Marvec FS to create hygienic desk tops that can be used in schools, colleges, offices, shops, restaurants, in fact pretty much anywhere there is a table top or flat surface. Our MicroGuard™ coating inhibits the presence of common microbials offering protection against bacteria such as MRSA, E.Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. It also offers protection against scratches and harsh cleaning chemicals. Our surface covers can be manufactured to any specification, including printed branding/logos, photographs, custom graphics and include cut-outs.

Read more about our MicroGuard™ hard coating here.

Duncan Smith, Sales Director at Brett Martin says:

“The iAwards gives all our end users a chance to demonstrate their unique applications using our plastic sheets – once again we’ve seen some outstanding projects and visually stunning work. It is clear that we supply some very creative customers and we’re proud of the role our products play in bringing imaginative projects to life as well as keeping people safe.

Brett Martin would like to congratulate all the winners for their excellent work and thank everyone who took the time to enter the competition. A selection of entries from the 2021 iAwards have been included in Brett Martin’s 2021 calendar.”

Read more about our Award Winning MicroGuard™ Anti-microbial surface covers on the Brett Martin website here.

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