Anti-Microbial Face Shield

MLA Ltd are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of public order equipment and clothing to police forces and prison services all over the world, having established in 1993. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic started to take hold in the UK, MLA needed to be able to offer a face visor product to their customers, however as a manufacturer of genuine safety equipment any visor product needed to offer the very best protection possible. 

As an existing customer of Peerless Plastics & Coatings, MLA were aware of the range of products and services Peerless could offer.  

The Brief: 

Supply a cut to shape face shield profile, manufactured from optically clear material that offers the wearer long term protection. The visor needs to be reusable and therefore made from a material that could be cleaned on a regular basis.


Peerless have a range of UV curable hard coatings and had, in 2019, carried out a development programme on flexible and formable hard coatings. From this process Peerless have been able to develop hard coatings that can be cold-formed and thermo-formed when applied to Polycarbonate sheet materials. 

Within this process Peerless had developed a solution for thin film materials ideal for face shields and visors. 

Within this range Peerless have a unique Anti-Microbial product called MicroGuard 

Working together, MLA & Peerless developed a visor profile that would meet the needs of customers and MLA further developed a head strap design which is robust yet comfortable meeting the requirements of long-term use. 

From the range of hard coatings offered by Peerless, MLA were only interested in offering the best solution for their customers and therefore opted for the Clear MicroGuard Hard coating. 

MicroGuard™ is a revolutionary anti-microbial hard coating that has been specially developed and formulated to give enhanced protection against bacteria. This anti-bacterial coating for plastic effectively inhibits the presence of bacteria, whilst retaining the protective properties of the rest of our coating range. 


  • Abrasion Resistance – Protects against, scruffs, marks and scratches. 
  • Protected – Protection against bacteria such as gram-positive e.g. MRSA and Listeria; and gram-negative e.g. E. coli and Salmonella, amongst others. 
  • Chemical Resistance – Can be cleaned with any common cleaning chemical without damage. 
  • Durability – All Peerless coatings enhance the life of any plastic substrate. 


The Solution: 

Having established a design MLA launched their range of new Anti-Microbial Face Shield products, incorporating Optical Polycarbonate film and MicroGuard coating.  

These are now available for purchase from their dedicated website


For more information on our unique MicroGuard Anti-Microbial Coating, visit the product page.