Above and Beyond Concert Design

Not your standard request and something quite interesting when it comes to the plastics industry!

We were approached by designer and artist Leora Honeyman to collaborate on creating large, hanging ‘artwork’ that would be shown and displayed during gigs to revellers. Working with UK music label Anjuna, the pieces needed to be lightweight and hardwearing so they could be transported around the world and taken on the US Tour of band Above and Beyond.

The artwork are different sizes and variations of their logo, hung from the ceiling in a large scale mobile like manner. In some venues these were also used as stage props and set design. Polycarbonate was the material of choice – firstly to meet venue fire regulations and secondly it’s resistance to shattering and damage when moving and even if dropped!

Whilst the ideal would have been these were made from solid material – the weight would have made these very difficult to handle and ship. The idea was that these would refract light, so an internal frame was used which was clad in the polycarbonate to act as a lightbox.

The products were CNC machined to specification and finished by beadblasting to give the material a different finish and allow the light to refract as desired.

12 in total were supplied and fans have even built their own mini ones which they mount on sticks and take to gigs…

Twinkle 2
Twinkle 3