Liz Truss MP Visits Peerless

10th October 2019

Last week we were pleased to welcome the Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss, to Peerless Plastics and Coatings.

With the uncertainty of Brexit looming over the UK for over 3 years and with no clear end in sight, Liz chose Peerless to visit and announce her plans to support local businesses and their exports through uncertain times.

“People want British products, because British represents high quality and they know that we possess some of the most innovative and exciting things on the market today.

“I will do all I can as your local MP to help you to get those customers over seas to sell more of your products.”

Ms Truss added: “Of course we want a good deal with the EU but we will carry on trading regardless of the situation and I know that the products we produce here in Britain are competitive.

“I think you can see that here at Peerless, how their machine is the most unique in Europe producing these massive pieces of specially coated plastic.

“I would encourage any business who is interested in exporting to get in touch with my department, the department of international trade.”


Following recent investment together with a program of research and development Peerless are now ready to re-launch, offering a range of world class hard coatings to customers in the UK and internationally.

Our unique set up and capabilities stand us in good stead to meet the needs of customers in many industries across the world providing first class quality and service.

Quote and original article from EDP24.