Sound & Noise Barriers

As roads and railways come ever closer to built up areas or places of interest – the need for road noise barriers, and those that are also more aesthetically pleasing on the eye is ever growing. For those organisations that produce and install noise barriers, the difficultly can come in working with and on, such large materials and sheets.

Peerless are able to help by both printing (images, graphics and icons), as well as applying protective coatings on to large and oversize sheet plastics. In-fact, we are able to work with materials up to a maximum of 4 x 2 metres in size and 15mm in thickness, please contact us to discuss larger sizes. Printing to clear material not only gives a different dimension to otherwise large, unsightly barriers but also stop animals (including birds) from colliding with them.

Peerless are able to work with sound / noise barriers for the following areas / industries:

  • Road Noise Barriers
  • Rail and Train Noise Barriers
  • Airport Noise Barriers
  • Power Station Noise Barriers
  • Industrial and Commercial Noise Barriers
  • Residential Area Noise Barriers
  • Construction and Demolition Noise Barriers

To make noise barriers aesthetically pleasing on the eye, many are now coloured or printed to break up their effect and contrast on local areas. Peerless are able to print direct to large plastic sheet without the need for vinyl and on materials up to 6 x 2 metres in size and 45mm in thickness – the only limitation is the weight and moving it!

Peerless can help with:

  • Printing Graphics to Noise Barriers
  • Printing Pictures to Noise Barriers
  • Protective Coatings for Noise Barriers

Protective coatings for noise barriers help and enhance the original plastic sound barrier in many ways – coatings will increase the working life of all plastics with better resistance to; cleaning and chemicals, abrasion and marks, grime & dirt, UV protection from sun, as well as protecting any prints or additions.

For more information on plastic and polycarbonate noise barriers, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email us at