Canopies & Walkways

Canopies and Walkways the world over use polycarbonate as their glazing of choice – it’s robust and near indestructible nature lends it well to all manner of glazing where high optical clarity isn’t paramount.

Whilst near un-breakable, the soft surface of polycarbonate does mean that it can quickly become marked and scuffed – even from just rain and air particles found in high traffic areas such as cities and supermarkets. Applying a hard coating to canopies keeps the plastic in the best possible condition during use and ensures that public areas don’t starting looking tired after a short amount of time.

Not only do Peerless hard coatings protect base plastic materials from scratches and marks, they also work very well as anti-graffiti materials and whilst it can’t stop graffiting, the material is much easier to clean and any paint should wipe of easily with just a simple soap and water solution. In the same manner, grime and other dirt such as tree sap can also be easily cleaned for long lasting life.

Benefits to Hard Coating Your Canopy or Walkway

  1. Our Peeraguard range of coatings have been specially designed with exceptional optical qualities to give complete protection against abrasion, weathering and sunlight glare.
  2. An Exterior Grade Coating offers added protection against weathering and UV degradation that can turn clear plastic milky and yellow
  3. Due to its enhanced high chemical and abrasion resistant properties it is an ideal anti-graffiti, easy wipe-away solution.
  4. Our plastic coatings have a wide range of uses and specifications, from Shelters and Glazing, through to Canopies and Walkways.

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