Peerless is pleased to offer a tailored suite of cosmetic refurbishment within the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain. Reverse Logistics and Repair is an area of growth for many logistics and specialist companies. Not only do they manage the distribution and tracking of after-sale goods, many manufacturers also require the process of testing, repair and refurbishment as large brands strive to cut costs and reduce handling.

Peerless provides a variety of services for the cosmetic refurbishment of electrical goods such as Digital Set Top Boxes (for example SKY, Virgin etc.), display units, network hardware, and even mobile phones and tablets. The basis for this service is reverse logistics, which essentially acts as an umbrella term for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. Due to the high cost of manufacturing and distributing new products, refurbishment provides a great way for businesses to simultaneously save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

We provide a range of such services, all of which are tailored to suit individual client needs. These include:

  • Receiving electronic-free cosmetic products;
  • Quality control within agreed parameters;
  • Stripping products down to their component parts;
  • Rubbing down and preparing products;
  • Respraying parts;
  • Tampo printing;
  • Finishing products to agreed specification;
  • Re-assembling and shipping products.

All levels of service can be discussed and agreed to suit individual client requirements.

For more information on our refurbishment services, call us on (01842) 750333 or email