Peerless offer a wide range of commercial spray painting in Thetford and the surrounding areas such as Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Many different type of products can be painted using many different methods, including:

  • Reverse Spray Painting
  • Cosmetic Repair Painting
  • Obscuration Band Painting
  • Frosted Paint Finishes

Something like reverse painting is an excellent way of achieving even coverage and an unrivalled finish on a sheet of clear plastic. Leaving a 3D finish of any colour you wish.

The process works by spray-painting one side of a sheet of clear plastic, then turning over the sheet in order to essentially view the paint through the sheet. Reverse painting is also a great way of protecting the painting from being peeled off or from general wear and tear usually brought on by contact with the paint.

The process can be further enhanced by glossing or frosting the sheet and is often seen in wall cladding, retail environments, reception areas and even high-end bathrooms.

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