PeeraGuard™ Clear




PeeraGuard™ Clear Coating is a unique, high quality, UV-cured protective coating for plastic.

Possessing great visual, physical and chemical qualities, PeeraGuard™ Clear is developed exclusively by Peerless. This clear coating is the most popular Peerless Coating in the range and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Abrasion Resistance – Worried about knocks, scuffs and scratches? A surface hardness of 6H protects against most.
  • Optical Clarity – PeeraGuard™ Clear is just that, completely clear. Very little distortion to clear and transparent plastics – just full protection.
  • Chemical Resistance – Can be cleaned with any common cleaning chemical and even harsher industrial chemicals without worry of damage.
  • Enhancement – A full gloss finish will enhance coloured plastics and prints.
  • All-round protection – All Peerless coatings can be applied to a single side or even both.
  • Weatherable – Providing protection against the elements.
  • Durability – All Peerless coatings enhance the life of any plastic substrate.

The product’s versatility means it’s perfect for protecting and enhancing a range of materials, including acrylic, polycarbonate, and PET-G, as well as many other plastic substrates – including both sheets and moulds. Due to the application being available single or double sided, PeeraGuard™ Clear is a cost effective solution when compared to many pre-coated sheets such as Lexan.

PeeraGuard™ is characterised by extremely good physical, optical and chemical properties. It is a high-gloss, no-distortion clear coating. Due to its excellent chemical resistance, it is ideal for anti-graffiti solutions.

For more information on PeeraGuard™ Clear, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email Alternatively, download our PeeraGuard™ Clear technical data sheet.


Peerless is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ensure that all quality systems exceed that specification. PeeraGuard™ Clear is a UV cured coating and applied in a purpose built, automated spray facility to give your product the optimal finish it deserves.

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For more information on PeeraGuard™ Clear (a superb alternative to Optiguard, Safecoat & Clearlite), please call us on 0845 519 9079 or email Alternatively you can download our PeeraGuard™ Clear technical data sheet.

If you are looking for a pre-coated and readily available abrasion resistant plastic look no further than PeeraGuard™.