coating-icons-anti-bacteriaMicroGuard™ is the latest coating offered by Peerless. An Anti-Microbial Coating that has been developed and formulated to give protection against bacteria as an anti-bacterial plastic coating.

The anti-bacteria coating effectively inhibits bacteria, whilst the protective properties of the coating are retained.


  • Abrasion Resistance – Protects against, scruffs, marks and scratches.
  • Protected – Protection against Bacteria such as gram-positive e.g. MRSA and Listeria; and gram-negative e.g. E. Coli and Salmonella, amongst others
  • Chemical Resistance – Can be cleaned with any common cleaning chemical without damage.
  • All-round protection – Can be applied to a single side or even both.
  • Durability – All Peerless coatings enhance the life of any plastic substrate.

This new Anti-Microbial coating has the abrasion and chemical resistance of other Peerless protective coatings with the added ability to halt the development and spread of common bacteria.

The coating has already been used and tested within Healthcare, Veterinary, Dentistry, Food Processing and Aerospace. This coating is Matt in appearance due to the formulation used.

Please note this new coating is not intended to replace standard cleaning regimes or requirements but compliment them – providing protection between cleaning or in areas which often get missed.

For more information on the new MicroGuard Coating, call us on 0845 519 9079 or email hello@peerless-coatings.co.uk. Alternatively, download our MicroGuard Coating technical data sheet.


Peerless is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ensure that all quality systems exceed that specification. Peeraguard Clear is a UV cured coating and applied in a purpose built, automated spray facility to give your product the optimal finish it deserves.

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For more information on MicroGuard TM, please call us on 0845 519 9079 or email hello@peerless-coatings.co.uk. Alternatively you can download our Coatings Brochure by clicking here.